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Training for Triathlons and Running Events

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has easily accessible training plans to suit any level of initial fitness. Click the heading of the required training plan for access to the plan.

An excellent program for the overweight or those not comfortable with running as it starts out with two months of biking and strength training, followed by swimming then by running. The end of the program will allow you to complete a sprint-level triathlon. Start month one and follow along as the program progresses.
Have no endurance base? A novice in the truest sense of the word? Have no fear, we promise that you will love running once you're done with these walk/run programs. Inside you will find two variations: the 'Aggressive' 4 month and the 'Conservative' 7 month programs. 
You have your eyes on your first sprint triathlon, but with no endurance background, how do you start? The Couch-to-Sprint programs feature several pathways. From sprint triathlon for conservative building or stringing together the Couch-to-5k followed by some standard sprint programs, we promise to get you to race day...and across the finish line in 6 to 12 months!
Includes the 'Original 13 Week Sprint.' There are several 16 and 20 week programs to fit your schedule no matter if you have 6 times or 9 times per week to workout. If you are a little weak in one of the three disciplines many of these programs are 'focused' for additional time spent training on weak areas. A good place to start if you are familiar with exercise and all three disciplines
Several of the above programs have been put together to get you from walking to finishing an International Distance Triathlon. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, these programs can go from 10 to 17 months from walking to race day

Much like the Beginner Sprint Triathlon programs, these olympic distance programs have several variations to fit your weaknesses. Choose from between the 16 and 20 week run, bike or swim focused plans. The 2x program is a great beginner program allowing solid base building with minimal time investment

Tips for your first ever Triathlon race

Click here for advice and guidance from the British Triathlon Federation

The British Triathlon Federation is the governing body for the sport. They have provided a useful introduction to Triathlon including advice and all you need to know about competing in your first event.

Click here for advice from a professional triathlete

Zone3 and Zone3 sponsored professional ITU Triathlete, Dan Wilson who represents Australia, have pulled together some useful race and swim tips for Triathlon first timers to ensure that your race is enjoyable as possible.

Advice from an experienced triathlete

On Your Marks Events have teamed up with triathlon coach Mark Kleanthous to provide you with support and advice in the run up to your race. Mark completed his first triathlon in 1983 and has since crossed the finish line in over 450 triathlons around the world. He is now a full time coach training novices through their first race and improving their technique through subsequent events. Mark has written two training plans exclusively for On Your Marks Events competitors.

Click here for the 12 week training plan 
Click here for the 7 week training plan 

For more information on training for a triathlon, whether it is novice, sprint, Olympic, middle or IronMan distance check out Mark’s book “The Complete Book of Triathlon Training” ISBN 978-1-84126-326-7 £19.95 Click here to view a sample from the book

Click here for personalised structured training plans from Tri Training Harder

TRIplans are aimed at anyone needing a structured training plan to follow that is completely and utterly tailored to them. Tri Training Harder’s truly bespoke triathlon training plans are now available to download from here

First choose your race distance, specify how many sessions per week you can fit in, then choose which ability level of swim, bike and run suits you best. Each plan is separated into the three training phases; the Base phase, the Build phase and the Competition phase, which are available to download separately. 

Plans start on any date you wish!

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